Internationalist Declaration from Korea against the threat of war

Just prior to the conference, the North Korean state-capitalist regime detonated its first nuclear weapon. The conference was forced to address this development and the subsequent posturing by the various imperialist powers with interests in the region. In the face of these developments, participants adopted the following resolution.

Following the news of the nuclear tests in North Korea, we, the communist internationalists meeting in Seoul and Ulsan:

Denounce the development of a new nuclear weapons capability in the hands of another capitalist state: the nuclear bomb is the ultimate weapon of inter-imperialist warfare, its only function being the mass extermination of the civilian population in general and the working class in particular.

Denounce unreservedly this new step towards war taken by the capitalist North Korean state which has thereby demonstrated once again (if that were necessary) that it has absolutely nothing to do with the working class or communism, and is nothing but a most extreme and grotesque version of decadent capitalism's general tendency towards militaristic barbarism.

Denounce unreservedly the hypocritical campaign by the United States and its allies against its North Korean enemy which is nothing but an ideological preparation for unleashing – when they have the capacity to do so – their own preemptive strikes of which the working population would be the principal victim, as it is today in Iraq. We have not forgotten that the United States is the only power to have used nuclear weapons in war, when it annihilated the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Denounce unreservedly the so-called "peace initiatives" which are bound to appear under the aegis of other imperialist gangsters such as China. These will be concerned not with peace, but with the protection of their own capitalist interests in the region. The workers can have no confidence whatever in the "peaceful intentions" of any capitalist state. Denounce unreservedly any attempt by the South Korean bourgeoisie to take repressive measures against the workng class or against activists in their defense of internationalist principles under the pretext of protecting national freedom or democracy.

Declare our complete solidarity with the workers of North and South Korea, China, Japan, and Russia who will be the first to suffer in the event of military action breaking out. Declare that only the world wide workers' struggle can put an end for ever to the constant threat of barbarism, imperialist war, and nuclear destruction that hangs over humanity under capitalism.

The workers have no country to defend!

Workers of all lands, unite!

This declaration was signed by the following organisations and groups:

A number of comrades present at the Conference also signed the declaration on an individual basis:

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