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I should send my contribution in a while.Meanwhile, here is something to read.

I got a few days ago from an Oekonux member, Holger Weiss, from Berlin, the references of a debate they had in 2003 on the same questions we are discussing. We had talked about, in Berlin, last December, and recently I had asked him:

[2006-02-01 00:52]:
When we were in Berlin, you told me that you had participated in a discussion about value and software, in Oekonux, I think. Would you mind sending me the references. (I hope it is not in German...)

Holger answered:

The discussion started off on the German Oekonux list. If I recall correctly, Stefan Meretz stated that he'd tend to agree with Graham's assumption that the concept of "value" is not reasonably applicable to goods such as software. I disagreed, and then Graham engaged in the discussion, therefore some of the postings are in English[*]. Graham joined the discussion here:

And here is the thread:

I did not know that discussion in Oekonus as it was in the german list (I only read the Englisn list). Fortunately, a big part of it is in English and reading it is certainly useful. The Dutch comrades should be able to read the german mails...


February 11, 2006

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