Farewell to Will Barnes

WILL BARNES died February 20, 2012 with his wife Vickie by his side. His death is a great loss to the pro-revolutionary milieu, a milieu that he energetically interacted with both theoretically and practically. Will was dedicated to proletarian revolution. On his website he stated:

Although I never met Will, I felt like I had a sense of him, of his ideas and concerns. I first read him on the Meltdown list where he put forth a text on the critique of science, “Lest our Hopes and Dreams Become an Endless Nightmare: Capitalist Technology, the Modern Science of Nature and the Movement of Capital”. Later, through email exchanges, Will emphasized his profound concerns about the environment and the increasingly destructive tendencies of capitalism in crisis:

Will linked this ‘tipping point’ to the endless development of the productive forces; to the logic of capitalism. He considered one of his preliminary tasks to be to demonstrate that capitalist science and technology related to nature solely as so much disposable matter. Basically seeing ...”earthly nature as a holding arena consisting solely of unprocessed resources, for which all of reality has the meaning of a raw materials basin for capitalist commodity production...” His concern that a proletarian revolution may come too late, however, did not stop him from practical revolutionary activity... his interventions spanned his entire adult life. In a January 20, 2012 email, one month prior to his death, he wrote:

Will Barnes’ death is a huge loss to all: to those in his personal life whom he left behind and, for us, the tiny revolutionary movement to which he richly contributed.

Carol for IP

A large number of Will’s writings can be found at the website Institute for the Critical Study of Societies of Capital

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