Let's Speak Out!

Everything is being done to prevent us from meeting. The priority is the creation, everywhere, of places where we can come together and meet!

Why are we struggling? Just for the rescinding of the CPE? To beg the right to be a modern slave, subject to a life of "metro-work-tele-sleep" with a contract of "undetermined length"?

The CPE is only an advanced expression of the capitalist logic where humans only exist if they add to the profits of capital. This logic leads to the generalisation of insecurity for the exploited. It means subjecting the youngest of us to the most humiliating conditions for being hired in all of the developed world. It is the same logic that means that today a child on the planet dies every four seconds, that war kills millions of civilians just about everywhere in the world. Again, it is this logic which is leading the Earth to the brink of an irreversible ecological disaster.

It is this infernal logic that must be broken. Breaking it involves the generalisation of the idea that the political parties of the left and the trade unions of all kinds, which claim to represent and defend the exploited, are totally situated within the logic of capitalism and only seek to manage, and in the end, uphold this system. Under their direction any struggle is condemned to impotence.

Don't forget that the failure of the huge mobilisation for the struggle in France, in 2003, against the reform of pensions and of education was only possible thanks to the clever cooperation between the government and the trade union bosses. In this respect the newspaper Le Monde reported on June 17 2003: "The minister [Fillon] is grateful to the centre of Montreuil [the CGT union] for striving to prevent the generalisation of a movement which risked escaping its control".

The problem is not in itself the shameful behaviour of these cynical and manipulative bureaucrats. The problem is how to assert our power, our will against all those who undermine our determination. It is not easy to learn to organise ourselves on our own, without any control except that of our assemblies, but as the current experience of college and high school students shows it is possible.

It is clear that workers have a greater weight in society than students, given that it is thanks to them that society functions. It's why the government and the unions have the same essential priority: prevent the convergence between the world of wage-workers and that of the young in education who are simply the future insecure workers.

That's why they did everything to prevent the meeting planned at the end of the Paris demonstration on 23 March from taking place, with the aid, among others, of provacateurs (breaking shop windows and attacking demonstrators), followed and helped by a few hundred manipulated misfits, as more and more numerous accounts testify. The decision, on the pretext of safety, to close the university sites went in the same direction of depriving the movement of places where to meet and organise.

Our priority is to counter this sabotage. We must speak out. We must create places to meet, discuss, reflect together, make decisions, everywhere where this is possible: at the end of and during demonstrations, on the campuses and in the schools, workplaces, places of public entertainment, etc., in particular at the end of the day so as to allow those who work to come. Break down the separations. Create places where the strength of the generalised discontent can become an active power.

Capitalism is not a fatality due to some evil human nature. Capitalism is no more eternal than ancient slavery or feudalism. The inhuman laws that constitute it are from past times. It only survives by the force of state apparatuses and by our submission, sustained every day by the billions spent on daily ideological indoctrination.

Let us take advantage of these moments of struggle, when we assert ourselves, to recognize what is evident: another world is possible, if we want it. A world where humans are no longer forced to sell themselves to survive, where human relationships are not destroyed by money. A world based on abundance and on things being free. We know that the material means exist. We need to free ourselves from our own fear and from those who falsely call themselves our "representatives."

Some Internationalists.

March 26, 2006

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